The 2016 rankings are out and, in a year where for the first time ever 95% of all English nurseries have been judged as good or outstanding, we’d like to congratulate the country’s largest groups on their sterling efforts in achieving these excellent results.
For the sixth consecutive year, this unique ranking gives a comparative and objective measure of the quality of provision at the biggest groups operating in England. Data provider Watchsted compiles the grades of the 20 largest chains and Nursery World analyse the findings using a points-based rating system.
Across the 20 groups the average score is 3.45, up from 3.21 last year, an upward trend that is a good sign that quality is continuing to rise among the 20 biggest nursery groups.
Green Bottoms are proud to serve the nursery sector and would like to offer particular praise to our customers on the list, as we are delighted to work with 7 of the UK’s largest 20 nursery groups, including 3 of the top 4 in these rankings.

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