Squirrels Day Nursery

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Location: Northamptonshire

Green Bottoms customer since: 2013

A neighbourhood nursery

Opened in 1995, Squirrels Day Nursery is a 63-place setting with charitable status, originally established as part of a government initiative to provide more childcare places for two year olds in deprived areas. As such, it plays a vital role within its local community of Corby, a small town in the north of Northamptonshire. Charlotte Tiley is the nursery manager.

Soaring prices

Originally housed in a building provided by the local council, upon moving to their current site in 2004 Charlotte chose the large national waste disposal company that the council had used to collect and dispose of their nappy waste.

However, “they were awful” says Charlotte, “the price just kept going up and up to the point where it was so expensive”. Locked into a three year contract, she found she could do nothing about the frequent price rises. 

“As a charity, financial planning is so important to us and every penny counts” recalls Charlotte, “it got very expensive very quickly and we would get no notice of the price increases. It was impossible to get anyone to do anything about it, there seemed to be no grounds for negotiation and the attitude of the people you eventually got through to on the phone left a lot to be desired. They just didn’t seem interested”.

“It was so simple to sign up, no complications at all which was great.”

A recommended alternative

It got to the point where the rising costs were threatening the viability of the nursery. Charlotte reached out to a friend of a friend, who also ran a nursery, and they recommended their supplier: Green Bottoms.

“I gave notice of termination and signed up with Green Bottoms” says Charlotte. “It was so simple to sign up, no complications at all which was great.”

She also recalls that it was straightforward to add an additional service when she decided to switch to us for Squirrel’s sanitary waste too.

“As well as saving a lot of money, having a 12 month contract with fixed prices is very reassuring.”

A friendly service

Charlotte and her team were relieved the nursery could keep running, and dealing with our own friendly team was an added bonus for them.

”We particularly appreciate how friendly the service is. Leaving aside the financial situation, we didn’t have that many service issues with the previous supplier but with Green Bottoms it’s so much better. We generally have the same person on site carrying out the services each time and he’s lovely, very nice and friendly”. 

We are glad we could make running a nursery more affordable for Charlotte and that this vital community business continues to benefit local people.

“We appreciate being able to pick up the phone and speak to someone who knows your business and cares about your issues.

It doesn’t feel cold, as it did with my previous supplier. It’s like there’s a mutual respect.”

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