Our service

What we do

We collect your nappy waste.

We dispose of the waste as sustainably as we can.

We come back the next week and do it all again.

And if you need, we’ll deliver fresh, sustainable nappies and wipes at the same time.

Reasons to choose Green Bottoms

We only serve nurseries so we know the kinds of headaches you might be dealing with.

“The service couldn’t be better. We save hundreds of pounds each year, perhaps more, we’ve had no billing problems and the waste transfer note system is excellent.”

How about?

Impact reports

We’re proud of the difference we’re making – and you can be too! Every month we give our larger nursery group customers an impact report.

You can see:

  • The miles saved by grouping deliveries
  • The carbon saved by diverting waste from landfill
  • The plastic avoided by using more sustainable wipes
  • The number of nappies and wipes we’ve donated on your behalf

We know this is something you and your nursery parents care about. The report is something you can share with them and celebrate.

Even if energy from waste or recycling isn’t available in your area yet, by being part of Green Bottoms you are part of a movement for change. Together we can move the sector forward into a sustainable future.

Like the sound of us?

“Our waste becomes a source of renewable energy. This is one of the selling points for LEYF”.

Our products

If we collect your waste, you can also order fresh nappies and wipes from us.

Sustainable nappies

Our nappy of choice is Pura. As leak-proof and easy to use as any other major brand, but made more sustainably. Their factories run on renewable energy and they’ve eliminated production waste.

Some parts of the nappy are made from plant-based materials and they are EU Ecolabel accredited. And because they have no chlorine, perfumes or allergens, they’re gentler on the children’s bottoms too.

We also offer classic Pampers in sizes 7 and 8, as Pura doesn’t make those yet.


The dry wipe we supply is SuperSoft by Conti: the best on the market at possibly the best price on the market. For wet wipes, we have zero-plastic ones from Pura and Kinder By Nature. We are still offering Pampers and Huggies wipes as a more budget option.

As with everything in our business, we are constantly on the lookout for even more sustainable options, at a price you can afford.

Why order from Green Bottoms?

Great prices

We know the most sustainable option often isn’t the cheapest. But our customers are often surprised at our product prices, which are generally below retail across our range.

Guaranteed availability 

Remember in 2020 when people were panic-buying and stripping supermarket shelves? None of our nurseries missed a delivery or a single product. We guarantee the availability of all products at all times in commercial quantities. So even the biggest nursery groups get everything they want, every week. And no substitutions, ever.

Easy ordering

Want to order the same stuff each week? You can pretty much ‘set it and forget it’. Tell us once, and those nappies and wipes will keep turning up, regular as clockwork: no further admin needed on your end.

If you prefer to tailor your order each time, that’s not a problem. You can contact your account manager by email, phone or livechat and they’ll take care of it. And if you forget, they’ll give you a call. We don’t want your staff getting to the last wipe in the building halfway through a change.

Positive impact

We deliver nappies and wipes at the same time as collecting the waste. So you get delivery at no cost to you, minimising the cost to the planet by reducing miles on the road.

Every invoice our customers pay not only covers the cost of our great service and products, but helps us in our mission to help others. This year, in partnership with Pura and one of our biggest nursery customers, we’ll be giving away over 40,000 nappies to Baby Basics, who provide essentials to struggling families. Learn more about our impact.

Better than your current options

If you’re ordering nappies and wipes from a supermarket, you need to remember to log on each week, book a slot and add all the products to your order. And for nursery groups, you then need to chase all your managers to send you the order confirmations and receipts. And then there’s the unhelpful substitutions… 

If you’ve used a big online retailer before, you’ll know the prices can zoom up and down quicker than you can change a nappy. Education-specific suppliers can be more reliable, but their prices are often higher. And they may not stock the most sustainable brands.

Luckily, we’re here to take all that off your plate.

"They're like a breath of fresh air compared to our previous supplier... It did actually result in a reduction in our total spend of around 35%, which we were very pleased with.

Nursery specialists


We turn up on time, on the day we promised. Availability of products always guaranteed.


No long, restrictive waste collection contracts or minimum orders. Set up a repeat order or change each week.


A hassle-free process to save you time. Contact our friendly team by phone or email.


No overflowing bins. Weekly nappy and wipe deliveries don’t take up your precious storage space.


A great price for a great collection service. Fixed costs across your nursery group.


Nappy recycling, energy from waste, plastic-free wipes, Ecolabel nappies and charity partnerships.

Time to change your nappy service?