Our story

In 2009, we heard that people were working on the technology to recycle disposable nappy waste. We got excited about how this could help our environment by reducing landfill waste, repurposing valuable material and creating new energy sources. We wanted to get involved and help make it a reality.

When we researched the industry, we realised that a lot of nurseries were getting a raw deal from big waste management companies.

Green Bottoms was born.

Our mission

Our mission then is still our mission now: deliver a reliable, friendly, cost-effective waste management service designed specifically for nurseries and help them to be as sustainable as possible.

We’re still a relatively small company, and only serve nurseries, so we know our customers really well. And this also means we can guarantee friendly, helpful interactions – whether that’s by the bins or over the phone.

"We appreciate being able to pick up the phone and speak to someone who knows your business and cares about your issues.

It doesn’t feel cold, as it did with my previous supplier. It’s like there’s a mutual respect."

Our developmental milestones


Green Bottoms is born.


We start recycling nappies.

We expand from our base in the midlands to serve nurseries semi-nationwide.


We’re named Nursery Supplier/Innovator of the Year at the prestigious NMT Nursery Awards.

We celebrate recycling over 2 million nappies for our customers.


We conduct our largest ever customer survey and over 95% report that they are very happy or happy, with 4.5% satisfied and no-one unsatisfied.


We start supplying high quality nappies and wipes, at competitive prices, making the job of running nurseries and nursery groups that little bit easier.


During all the disruption and panic-buying of the pandemic, none of our nurseries missed a delivery or a single product.


We switch to Pura as our main supplier of nappies, for market leading sustainability with quality and performance to match other big brands.  


We begin a unique partnership with our customer Childbase and nappy manufacturer Pura to donate over 40,000 nappies to Baby Basics.

Our recycling pilot project in Bristol starts.

"The service is great. The collection team are very friendly and have good relationships with the nursery teams."

Time to change your nappy service?