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Baby Basics project 2024

What is a baby bank?

Many families are struggling at the moment and relying on food banks. Some of the nurseries we serve are actually running foodbanks from their settings. There is also a growing need for baby banks. These work in the same way as food banks, but provide things like moses baskets, toiletries, buggies and baby clothes.

Having started in Sheffield, Baby Basics now has volunteer-run baby banks all over the UK, helping families who are struggling to afford the things they need to care for their young children.

The people they help includes, but isn’t limited to, women fleeing domestic abuse, people seeking asylum and teenage parents.

The pledge

This year we are collaborating with our client Childbase and nappy manufacturer Pura to help Baby Basics. 

All three partners will make a donation to match the number of nappies we supply to Childbase’s network of over 40 nurseries. This means that during the next 12 months over 40,000 nappies will be given away to families in need.

The first shipment of 7000 nappies arrived at Baby Basics at the end of February. Sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date with how this project is going.

Our target

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nappies donated in next 12 months

So far

nappies donated

Other projects

We also have donation partnerships with our customers N Family and LEYF. The nappies we donate will be distributed through their hygiene banks or directly to the parents who need them.

In total this means that across all our projects we will be giving away over 60,000 nappies this year to families in need.

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nappies will be donated in next 12 months