London Early Years Foundation

Settings: 40

Location: London

Green Bottoms customer since: 2012

A long history

London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) started out as the Westminster Health Society in 1903, with a mission to tackle child poverty and mortality in the capital. After the Second World War they opened toddler clubs and nurseries and today have 40 settings across London, nurturing over 4000 children and their families every year.

All their nurseries are rated good or outstanding by Ofsted and they have won many awards throughout their long history for excellence in the Early Years and their social impact.

Unfortunately they were finding that their waste management companies were not quite so excellent.


Sub-par nappy service

As they grew, LEYF took over existing nursery sites, and often existing service providers. April Rawlings, property and facilities manager, explained “we have had difficulties with inherited contractors not delivering the service expected.”

April put those difficulties behind her by using Green Bottoms across the nursery group.

“Nothing is ever too much trouble – Green Bottoms are always there to support and assist where possible. Green Bottoms have come through for us.”

Quality at scale

As well as issues with suppliers, managing quality across a large number of settings is another challenge which will be familiar to nursery groups of all sizes. Happily for LEYF, their focus on recruiting, training and retaining quality people is shared by Green Bottoms and the results are felt at nursery level.

“The service is great. The collection team are very friendly and have good relationships with the nursery teams.”


In 2022, LEYF won the Nursery World Eco-Friendly Early Years Award for championing an eco-friendly approach, from management and resourcing, to recycling and educating young children about sustainable development. So Green Bottoms was the perfect choice for their waste management.

In the first year of our partnership, all the waste we collected from LEYF nurseries was recycled at the UK’s first ever specialist nappy recycling plant. Following the closure of that facility, we have since transitioned to Energy-from-Waste (EfW) as the most environmentally-friendly treatment method for nappy and sanitary waste currently available.

“Our waste becomes a source of renewable energy. This is one of the selling points for LEYF”.

Cost savings

Of course, a vital aspect of sustainability that no organisation can afford to overlook is long term financial sustainability. For LEYF this is crucial to its mission, as all profits are reinvested into scaling up their social impact. 

After analysing the structure of the costs that LEYF were facing for nappy and sanitary waste disposal, we delivered simplified pricing. This gave them a cost saving of over 15% and subsequently more than five years of stable and competitive costs.

A strong partnership

We also partner with LEYF on projects that support their communities. We donate nappies and wipes for their families that would otherwise struggle to afford them.

We’ve been serving LEYF for more than a decade, and hope to do so for a long time to come.

“I would highly recommend Green Bottoms – they are professional and we wish them continued success.”

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