Puddleduck Nursery

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Location: Oxfordshire

Green Bottoms customer since: 2013

A family business

Back in 2000, Sarah Hayden was a nanny with a BTEC in Childcare. With a little help from her dad she decided to take the plunge and open her own nursery. Now joined by her brother Will, Puddleduck Nursery has grown to a 60-place setting that serves nearly one hundred families in rural Oxfordshire.

Looking for sustainable options

When she opened Puddleduck, keen to do her bit for the environment, Sarah employed the services of a reusable nappy laundry company. However, she soon found that the output from the nursery exceeded the ability of the laundry company to cope. 

So she turned to one of the national waste companies that offer nappy waste disposal services. “I chose them on the basis that they were the only company I had heard of that offered the service” says Sarah, “but that’s when the nightmare started”.


Poor service at a high cost

They found that the initially reasonable prices were frequently increased and they were also hit with additional charges. Will recalls “we were paying around £1 per bag to start with, but by the end this had increased to over £9 per bag when you factored in all of the additional charges”. 

Worse still, the nursery experienced poor service. Bins were not emptied on schedule and left overflowing with waste, and they also found it impossible to resolve the frequent problems. “The attitude of the staff we spoke to tended to be less than helpful” says Sarah, “and it was just a faceless, corporate experience, with a series of failed promises”.

“The roll-out from Green Bottoms was perfect, really smooth. It was such a quick and easy process to change, they did an amazing job.”

A fresh start

Happily, Sarah and Will found Green Bottoms, although, bruised by the experience with their previous supplier, they were initially sceptical. Sarah says that “it’s going into the unknown, with a large quantity of our overall waste output, so it’s a very important aspect of our business”.

“The service couldn’t be better. We save hundreds of pounds each year, perhaps more, we’ve had no billing problems and the waste transfer note system is excellent.”

Friendly, reliable service

Sarah and Will can now get on with the job of running their family nursery, without worrying about overflowing, smelly bins or escalating charges.

“The Green Bottoms team are always kind and considerate and the customer service is excellent.

If we ever need to speak to somebody, you get straight through to someone who can help and they always come on time.

In fact, on the odd occasion that a service has been rescheduled to the following day, we even get a phone call to let us know.”

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