Procter & Gamble (P&G), manufacturer of the Pampers brand of nappies, has ‘signalled interest’ in the UK becoming the home to their third nappy recycling facility, after news that their pilot plant in Treviso, Northern Italy is going into full operational mode and that a second facility will be sited in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.   […]

A true Circular Economy solution for nappy waste?

Japanese consumer goods company Unicharm, manufacturer of disposable nappies and other hygiene products, is reporting significant progress in the nappy recycling efforts they have been developing since 2015, which includes an ozonation technique to reclaim and sanitise pulp from used nappies for re-use in new nappies. This is the first reported success for such a […]

US-based recycling company: We’ve cracked the nappy recycling process

Trenton, New Jersey based Terracycle, who specialise in teaming up with leading brands and local authorities to recycle hard-to-recycle items like cigarette butts, coffee pods and used toothbrushes, have cracked the nappy recycling process, according to their PR spokesperson Veronica Rajadnya, who explains that they have had the ability to recycle nappies for some time, […]

The Guardian covers the forthcoming re-emergence of UK nappy recycling

Billions of dirty nappies can be turned into pet litter, insulation and compost What can be done with used nappies? The UK throws away around 3bn disposable nappies a year, while in the US it’s approximately 20bn. Each can take hundreds of years to degrade. But now companies are developing new ways of reusing dirty […]

BBC report on nappy recycling breakthrough

Scientist-founded startup develops process to recycle nappies, incontinence pads and sanitary products. Aberystwyth University Scientist Joe Freemantle said this waste stream can be separated and refined to produce biofuel and textiles, including rayon and viscose, which are often used to make clothing. Biofuels are fuels produced from plant material or waste and in 2012 the […]

Nappy recycling helps Wales lead the way on recycling

Recycling rates in Wales have risen, according to new figures. They show 56% of waste in 2014/15 was recycled by Welsh councils – up 2% on the previous year. This compares to under 50% in England, which has recently and alarmingly started to see falling recycling levels for the first time, although it remains ahead […]