About Us

At the heart of Green Bottoms lies the concept of nappy recycling. When we realised in 2009 that people were working on the technology to recycle disposable nappy waste, we got excited about how this could help our environment by reducing landfill waste, repurposing valuable material and creating new energy sources. We wanted to get involved and help make it a reality.

When we researched the market we were struck by another important realisation. It was apparent that many nurseries were getting a raw deal from their waste management suppliers, so we created Green Bottoms and set out to solve both problems. Our mission remains giving nurseries a supplier who consistently provides a good service, at a fair price and with fair contract terms, and at the same time help the environment by choosing the most environmentally friendly treatment for their waste.

May 2009
Green Bottoms was established with the goals of radically improving waste disposal services for nurseries and helping to minimise the environmental impact of disposable nappies
Mar 2011
We branched out from our home region of the Midlands to offer our services on a semi-nationwide basis
Sep 2011
Green Bottoms became the first company to offer a recycling solution for nursery nappy waste with the opening of the UK’s first ever specialist facility for recycling nappy waste
Nov 2012
We were named Nursery Supplier/Innovator of the Year at the prestigious NMT Nursery Awards
Jan 2013
We celebrate recycling over 2 million nappies for our customers in 2012
Jan 2014
As we explore a variety of energy-from-waste solutions, including sending nappy waste up the Thames on barges, Knowaste announce they are relocating to a new facility in the London area
Mar 2014
We moved our HQ to its current location in the sunny countryside on the Northamptonshire/Leicestershire border
May 2014
Green Bottoms celebrate 5 years
Jul 2015
We conduct our largest ever customer survey and over 95% report that they are Happy (27%) or Very Happy (68%) with 4.5% satisfied and no-one unsatisfied
Dec 2016
With at least 3 facilities for recycling nappy waste either open or due to open, we look forward to resuming our original nappy recycling mission in 2017